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The Low Frequency Intrusion Survey

The Low Frequency Intrusion (LFI) survey gathers the voices of the American people to gain a realistic perspective on how repeated Low Frequency Intrusions affect our lives, as well as our physical and psychological well-being. The survey results will allow us all to better understand the health effects of LFI on the population on a local, regional and national scale. View the current LFI survey results.

The survey is quick and easy, and just takes a few minutes.

If you experience repeated LFIs, it's your turn to speak up, be heard and make a difference!
LFI Survey Form

Email Address
ZIP/Postal Code    

In what type of residence do you live?
What source of LFI do you experience most?
Where do you experience LFI the most?
How frequently are you exposed to LFI?
When you are exposed to LFI:

Is your sleep disrupted?
Do you become anxious?
Do you become aggravated?
Does your blood pressure increase?
Does your heart rate increase?
Do you become angry?
Do you have negative thoughts?
Do you feel exhausted?
Do you feel helpless?
Is your concentration diminished?

What have you done to counteract LFIs?

Do you turn up your own audio system to drown out the LFI?
Do you try to talk to and reason with the LFI offender?

Did that solve the problem?
Do you call local law enforcement to remedy the situation?

Did that solve the problem?
What do you think can or should be done to reduce LFIs?   (optional)

Should manufacturers be required to limit the wattage of car stereos?
Is the reasonable use of car/home stereo systems the sole responsibility of the owner?
Should local politicians/authorities pay more attention to LFI?
Should local law enforcement put more effort into effectively enforcing existing noise ordinances?
Would you support a type of V-chip for car stereos, allowing neighborhoods to control the volume?
What solution(s) do you suggest to effectively counteract LFIs?